Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How do you set up your 2nd TV for Dish Network?

I have a TV in my bedroom that we got and since we had Dish installed in both the living room and bedroom, I wanted to hook it up. The installation guy gave me a remote #2 and coaxial cable to connect in that room, but as I'm coming to find in plugging it in and setting it up, I can't get the remote to work on the TV or the TV to get channels!! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!|||The coax should be connected to the "TV out" from one of the dish boxes. the other end of the coax goes to the "Antenna In" on your TV.

On the back of the dish box is a switch for TC channel 3 or 4. see what it is set at and tune your tv to that channel.

Remote 2 will then control the dish box. This is usually a UHF remote that can work through walls and such. keep tv on ch 3 or 4. change station with dish remote|||Call Dish network and have them send out an installer......

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