Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How do I hook up a Dvd/vcr combo player to tv using dish network?

We had it hooked up correctly until my little son unplugged everything! There are no rca cables with the red,white,yellow. The dvd player was hooked directly to the tv and the tv obviously to the dish receiver. Now I cannot get it hooked right again for the life of me. The dish picture will not even change over to the dvd. Any ideas?? Much appreciated.|||The cable configuration is as follows. Run the cable from the dish to your Satellite receiver. Run the cable from the TV port on the Satellite receiver to the in port on your DVD/VCR unit. Hook the out ports from your DVD/VCR unit to your TV.

Some Satellite receivers have the ability for two TVs to run off of it. If this is the case, run a cable from the Satellite receiver to the DVD/VCR combo, another to the TV. Now Hook you your DVD/VCR combo to your TV.

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